Stefan Pophristic

pophristic [at] nyu [dot] edu

Hello and welcome to my page! The site is slightly outdated—it will be updated in the coming months. 

I am currently a second year Ph.D. student in Linguistics at NYU.

My primary research interests are in understanding grammatical units and how they are stored, processed, and produced in the mind. I am particularly interested in morphology because I believe that morphemes are fundamental to understanding language. Whatever theoretical models and cognitive processes underpin the phenomenon of language, we must have some notion of a base unit that serves as the common denominator between the interfaces of phonology, syntax, and semantics. By understanding how these base units are stored and processed, we can better understand these interfaces, and thus the cognitive architecture of language as a whole.

I like working in interdisciplinary research. Since theoretical data (from acceptability judgements) and experimental data (from behavioral, acquisitional, and neuroscientific studies) are produced by the same cognitive architecture that underpins the human capacity for language, the theories and models derived from both types of data explain different aspects of said architecture and its processes. Therefore, only by merging the findings across the theoretical and experimental domains can we begin to holistically understand language. 

As I continue conducting research, I hope to further explore cognitive models of how units of language are stored and how language is comprehended and produced in real time. 

But of course these interests and how I frame them are bound to change over the next few years as I start my Ph.D. —so stay tuned!